Skin Checks

Even though the weather outside is colder, your skin can still be absorbing the ultraviolet rays. It is necessary to wear sunscreen at all times when you are outdoors, regardless of the time of the year. You will be protecting yourself from sunburn and skin cancer by wearing sunscreen.

Remember to check your skin regularly, ask a friend or partner to help you check those tricky areas like your back and book a regular full skin examination with one of our wonderful doctor’s here at the Ballarat Surgicentre.

Phone 53030190 to book your skin check, once of our friendly reception staff will be able to assist.

Consumer Feedback Month

May is Consumer Feedback Month at the Ballarat Surgicentre incorporating the Ballarat Skin Cancer Centre. We ask our patients to complete our feedback form as part of their discharge and ask that they return it to us to provide feedback on their experience throughout their visit.

We then use this information to improve the processes with particular focus on the safety and comfort aspects of their admission.

We also welcome any feedback from our patients at any time to ensure we are running our day hospital to the highest standards and your visit runs smoothly.